Stowe Creek HOA


Architectural Review Committee

Architectural Review Committee: The goal of the ARC committee is to make sure that planned exterior home improvements conform to the ARC Guidelines, and enhance the beauty of the Community. An average of two applications are submitted each month, and the committee reviews and votes on each application via e-mail. Committee members must familiarize themselves with the Architectural Guidelines and occasionally visit a home site to review the proposed changes.

Landscape Committee

Landscape Committee: The goal of the landscape committee is to communicate community landscaping needs to the contracted landscaping company and to the Board. The committee primarily communicates via e-mail.

Pool Committee

Pool Committee: Reviews and recommends pool operations and maintenance to the Board. The goal of the committee it to make the Stowe Creek pool the best experience it can be.

Social Committee

Social Committee: The goal of the Social Committee is to establish and build good relationships with Stowe Creek residents and neighbors. Most of the planning is done via email and you can contribute as little or as much as you would like.

Newsletter Committee

Communications Committee: This committee creates a means of communication for all Stowe Creek Residents. Setting timelines for the newsletters, writing articles, creating flyers and newsletters, delivering newsletters and other communications are just a few of the tasks.

Web Administrator

Web Page Committee: Working directly with the communication committee, the web page is an open source for all things dealing with the community at large. Please feel free to send us any ideas for ways we can improve the site!

Compliance/Adjudicatory Committee

Compliance/Adjudicatory Committee: This committee is a very important committee and is charged with the task of keeping the neighborhood in compliance with the Rules & Regulations. Most of the committee communication is done via email and there is a hearing once a month. The committee also receives community feedback that helps to shape future rule and regulation decisions.

All of these committees are always looking for volunteers to join. 

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Board of Directors


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Community Manager

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